Senada Cvrk Pargan

After a decade of creating, Senada Pargan, the writer, in July 2011 published her first book "A Sorrow for Silence", with Bosnian Media Group, a respected publishing company in Bosnia and Herzegovina, as a publisher. Although it is her first book, the readers are already showing interest for her poetry, especially for treating the psychology dilemmas, created by the life during the war, leaving the hometown and adoption, integration and the creation of a new life in a new world. Senada Pargan sends messages of optimism, love and conciliation, in the whole book showing a specific sorrow for silence and peace, without guns and wars, delicate restlessness, that even love can create. From her poetry radiates sensuality and artistic energy that announce a bright literary future authors Pargan.

The book was published in July 2011.